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It is a publication for these folks who believed that we didn’t have to study Perl, and now we all know it truly is extra ubiquitous than ever. Perl is very versatile and strong, and it isn’t terrified of internet 2. zero or the cloud. initially touted because the duct tape of the web, Perl has due to the fact that advanced right into a multipurpose, multiplatform language current totally all over: heavy-duty internet purposes, the cloud, platforms management, common language processing, and fiscal engineering.

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However, you are probably going to need to customize this somewhat. Here are what those command-line switches mean: indicates what version of Android you are "targeting" in terms of your build process. You need to supply the ID of a target that is installed on your development machine, one you downloaded via the SDK and AVD Manager. You can find out what targets are available via the android list targets command. Typically, your build process will target the newest version of Android that you have available.

Android emulator application launcher Notice there is an icon for your Now application. Click on it to open it and see your first activity in action. To leave the application and return to the launcher, press the "BACK button", located to the right of the [MENU] button, and looks like an arrow pointing to the left. 9 TUTORIAL 2 A Simple Form This tutorial is the first of several that will build up a "lunch list" application, where you can track various likely places to go to lunch. While this application may seem silly, it will give you a chance to exercise many features of the Android platform.

Target • --path • --activity • --package indicates where you want the project files to be generated. Android will create a directory if the one you name does not exist. For example, in the command shown above, a Skeleton/Now/ directory will be created (or used if it exists) underneath the current working directory, and the project files will be stored there. indicates the Java class name of your first activity for this project. Do not include a package name, and the name has to meet Java class naming conventions.

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