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By James Lawford, Michael Youens

This ebook examines the uniforms, apparatus, background and organization of the thirtieth Punjabis, from 1857 to their carrier in global warfare 2. Uniforms are proven in complete illustrated aspect.

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D ' Company held the front face of the position and had been savagely mauled. Company Headquarters had been hit and the company commander wounded; the Japanese had blasted the forward bunkers with a 75 mm. field gun at a range of 500 yards and had blown away half the forward platoon. O. took over. Reinforcements were called for from Knoll; the battery commander, who had survived by a miracle, worked frantically to restore communications with the guns. By evening standto some sort of order had been imposed.

During the day ' D ' Company marched in, and the Patialas, their task completed, returned to their parent battalion. The view from Ben Nevis was superb. The curves of the T a m u road were exposed to view, almost as far as the Lokchao River. While Ben Nevis was in British hands, a major offensive by the Japanese on the Shenam Heights was virtually impossible. Clearly the Japs would regard its recapture as a high priority. The Battalion prepared to hold what it had won. Trees were cut down and the timber used to build head cover over weapon pits.

They had heavy machine-guns covering the ridge approach and he thought they probably numbered a company. At this moment the Brigadier came up on the air; the 1st/16th were to attack the position and clear the Japanese out forthwith. A troop of a field battery, four guns, would give support; the gunners were limited to firing eighty shells, but, it was generously added, they were prepared to fire them any way that Colonel Newell wanted. A straightforward attack down the ridge would certainly be costly and would most probably fail.

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