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Exercises, particularly, were designed to produce realism and situations requiring prompt decisions and action. In addition, special training for officers of the various sections within the Civil Defence Corps was introduced. com These courses lasted five days; were intensive, informative and introduced a degree of tactics hitherto outside the scope of the Civil Defence Schools. Recruitment There were many campaigns both nationally and locally. There were, for example, advertisements, posters, displays and open days.

Despite there being the appliances and equipment in place to meet the predicted effects of the results of a nuclear attack and despite well rehearsed plans, the recruitment levels of men and women in the AFS never reached national targets. Lack of action and associated boredom was probably one of the biggest factors leading to resignations and lack of interest. com have meant that the radiation from nuclear fallout would have prevented fire crews from getting within 50 to 100 miles of the scene and safely operate.

Mobile Fire Column formed up at the Fire Service Training Centre, Moreton-in-Marsh, Gloucestershire. com A R House The overall make-up of a Column was designed to make it possible for it to be self sufficient in terms of fuel, feeding, accommodation and equipment/vehicle repairs. In time of war enhanced equipment such as inflatable structures would also have been issued. When mobilised in conjunction with a Civil Defence Corps Column the capabilities were vast. Training movements in peacetime did of course have to take account of everyday life and other traffic, albeit there were far fewer vehicles on the road in those days.

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