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By Elmore A. Champie

This paintings is a part of the Marine Corps historic Reference sequence. It information the recorded historical past of what's now the San Diego Marine Corps Base and Recruit Depot.

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Within the borders of a military reservation, the commander is held accountable for the state of morale . The Morale Branch exists to coordinate, stinlulate, and 32 influence morale activities and to act as consultants and advisers on morale. Adlletic equipment has been made available by reasonable allotments of funds for that purpose, and inclement weather problems are being solved by the erection of field houses which permit continuity of aWetic programs in winter months. The primary source of entertainment has been , and will continue to be, motion-picture programs.

SCALE 25 50 STATUTE MILES " 100 RENNELl 39 JULY I , 1941 ,TOJUNE 30, 1943 these men and organizations if the security of the Western Hemisphere was to be assured, and such a recommendation was made to the Congress by the President early in July. The Selective Service Extension Act of 1941 was approved the latter part of August, 4 months before the attack on Pearl Harbor. Development of the Army At this time the Army of the United States consisted of a partially equipped force of 28 Infantry divisions, a newly created armored force of four divisions, two Cavalry divisions, the harbor defenses of the United States, and an air force of 209 incomplete squadrons.

These modem weapons include 60-mm and 81-mm mortars, machine guns of various types, semiautomatic rifles, 37-mm tank and antitank glms, 105-mm howitzers, and heavy artillery comprising 155-mm and 8inch guns and 240-mm howitzers. About 900,000 semiautomatic rifles will have been provided upon the completion of the present program, which represents the approxinlate over-all requirements of the protective mobilization plans as well as the initial requirements of the augmented force. Procurement of sufficient 105-mm howitzers for the initial needs of the augmented force has been initiated for the purpose of replacing the 75-mm gun in the divisional light-artillery regiments.

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