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By Michael Zimmerman

1. A research and translation of the Tathagatagarbhasutra; 2. severe and diplomatic variations of the Tathagatagarbhasutra ; The variations [Tibetan and chinese language] contains broad biliographical references and index.

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Garbha); see Miron Winslow, Tamil-English-Dictionary, reprint of the edition from 1862, ed. K. L. V. karu). 4. The "new version" comprises the last sentence in OM, all of lA, and the first sentence of lB. 4): de bzhin gshegs pa'i mig des sems can thams cad de bzhin gshegs pa'i snying par mthong ngo II; lAo rigs kyi bu dog de bzhin gshegs pas kyang songs rgyas kyi mig gis sems can thams cad de bzhin gshegs pa'; snying par mthong nas I ... 50 lE: rigs kyi bu dog 'di ni chos mams kyi chos nyid de I de bzhin gshegs po mams byung yang rung rna byung yang rung Isems can 'di dog ni rtag tu de bzhin gshegs pa 'i snying po yin ...

Indeed it seems that once garbha became a fashionable term it was easily compounded with other words without itself exhibiting a very concrete meaning. Let us now turn to the compound itself. I have grouped the alternatives according to grammatical categories. v. garbha: "Uebertragen am Ende von adj. compp. (f. a): dieses als Leibesfrucht tragend, in seinem Innern bergend, enthaltend.... " 58 See Turner no. 4055 (garbha-): " ... SindhI gabhu ... kernel, pith; ... Nepali ... g. of a fruit); :.. Hindi: ...

Bild- und Sachsphiire sind im allgemeinen durch Vergleichsparlikel (.. so ... wie") ausdriickl. aufeinauder bezogen, sie decken sich aber nicht wie in der Allegorie in mebreren Einzelziigen, vielmebr konzentrieren sich die einander entsprecheuden Ziige beider Sphiiren in einem ejnzigen, fUr die Aussage wesentlichen Vergleichsrnoment, dern Tertium comparalionis, in dem die beiden Seiten sich beriihren. Das Gleichnis ist yom blollen Vergleich 34 with the description of a situation or process in the material sphere (upamiina; ''Bildsphare'') to which the assumed factual situation (upameya; "Sachsphare"), namely the existence of buddhahood in all living beings, is then compared.

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