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By Raymond A. Pyles, Robert S. Tripp, Kristin F. Lynch, Don Snyder, Patrick Mills

Describes a possible universal working procedure (COP) for the Air strength materiel sustainment approach (MSS). The authors first increase a COP in response to the rules of effects-based measures, schwerpunkt (organizational focus), selection rights, and a nonmarket monetary framework, then they observe the COP to depot-level reparable part sustainment to demonstrate how the COP may increase total MSS potency and responsiveness.

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From these initial military operations successes, other government agencies have begun to develop their own GIS-oriented common operating pictures. In particular, the Department of Homeland Security has begun to develop and deploy its own COP capability to coordinate federal, state, and local agencies’ responses to natural disasters and terrorist attacks. In situations in which the dominant concern is the physical movement of forces or materiels in light of distances, terrain, changing situational conditions, and physical capacities, a GIS-based common operating picture can help planners and operational managers synthesize a more comprehensive assessment of the entire situation than would be possible otherwise.

Each agency performs some particular activity that may consist of several different related processes. Many things outside the supply agencies’ control can intervene to interrupt even the best-laid plans. Demands can surge in unanticipated ways; resources can be diverted to other more important activities; processes that once served well can falter and become dysfunctional. Thus, MOEIs are needed to verify that actual processes are operating in accordance with the demand characteristics, resources, and process characteristics that were assumed while planning and setting the target MOEs.

We will examine both options in the more detailed analysis in the next chapter. Adjust Incentives to Reward MOEI Performance It may be impossible to fully rectify the mismatches between local decisionmakers’ incentives and an organization’s stated objectives, but it should be possible for the organization to create and administer rewards to individuals or other entities that contribute strongly to those objectives. That is, it may be difficult to remove entirely the influence of “significant others”4 outside the organization, but it may be possible 4 In their review of attitude theory, Fischbein and Ajzen, 1975, report that the anticipated opinions of “significant others” is the key impediment to taking action based on personal Method for Designing a Common Operating Picture 31 to shift the balance between those external influences and the organization’s objectives.

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