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By Steve Hendricks

Offers an in depth account of the occasions surrounding the abduction of Abu Omar, an intensive Muslim chief, in Milan, Italy, and then he used to be despatched to be tortured in Egypt, and examines efforts of Italian investigators and the CIA's position within the events.


A e-book so compelling it merits to turn into one of many nonfiction classics of our time. Read more...

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He said little to the caller—“Yes,” “Alright”—and hung up. “The subject is approaching,” he said to Ludwig. Ludwig looked at the clock on his phone and saw that it was ten or fifteen minutes past noon. A minute later, Stocky started the car, and a minute or two after that, Abu Omar appeared, long of beard and galabia. He passed briskly through the intersection, and just then Ludwig’s phone rang. It was his personal phone, not the one Bob had given him, and the ringing, at that moment, was as jarring as if it had occurred in a movie theater.

Ludwig remained on the sidewalk, slack-jawed, Abu Omar’s papers in one hand, the cell phone in the other. This was not what he had expected. Later he would not be able to say quite what he had expected, but the abruptness and ferocity were such a shock that his mind’s ability to receive information seems to have been rattled out of him. Of the man in the passenger’s seat, he would later be able to say only that he was puffy-faced and very tan or dark-skinned—Arab, if he had to guess. The men who had grabbed Abu Omar were nothing but heaving arms—faceless, incorporeal, more force than human.

Eventually, Gamaa expanded its work beyond universities and became more critical of government repression and corruption, thereby earning a more diverse, less educated membership. After Sadat’s assassination, Mubarak imprisoned so many Gamaa militants that it took the group most of a decade to rebuild. When it did, the fire of the prisons was inside it. In 1992 Gamaa began a campaign of terror against the godless, bombing liquor stores, video stores, and discos and murdering Jews, Copts (the Christians of Egypt), anti-Islamist intellectuals, policemen, mayors, judges, and, most spectacularly, the speaker of Parliament and the head of the counterterror police.

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