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By Sue V. Rosser

This quantity examines significant matters dealing with profitable girls in educational technological know-how. In doing so, Sue Rosser outlines the persisting and moving views of girls who've completed seniority and remained in academia over the last fifteen years via survey facts from ladies who acquired POWRE awards from the NSF. a few proof means that price range cuts and an expanding reliance on expertise have impacted larger schooling and exacerbated gender concerns, yet beforehand, little study has concentrated at once at the lingering results of those changes.

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In my experience, being successful requires a strong level of personal drive and desire to achieve. While these characteristics are perceived as positives in men, in women there is still sometimes a slight negative. (2012 respondent from 2000 cohort) I often hear people say that “women don’t apply for leadership positions because they actually don’t want them since they have families and they prefer positions of less responsibility . ”, or that “actually out of twenty names that came up in the nominating committee, hers never did .

23 between junior and senior women scientists and engineers. [Please note that the responses to the latter two questions are not analyzed or discussed in this chapter but will be discussed in Chapters 4, 5, and 6**]. All responses will be kept private. If information and quotations from your responses to the questionnaire are published, you will be identified by number only and the information will be written in a way that maintains your confidentiality and prevents recognition of you individually.

6). 6 percent in 2012. 8 shows the categorization of all responses to Question 1 across directorates. Note that when all responses are aggregated across directorates, the percentages are roughly proportional to the mean category responses across award year. When only first responses are categorized by directorate, in 2012, CISE parallels the other directorates, having higher responses in Category A and lower in Category B. 0 (%) 2012 c The alphabetic designations for Categories B and C have been exchanged, compared with earlier articles (Rosser and Zieseniss 2000), to present descending response percentages Categories B and D to better reflect the response groupings.

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