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By Anders S. Lunde

Понятные инструкции и чертежи 25 очаровательных небольших управляемых ветром игрушек. Все - превосходные работающие с деревом проекты, потому что их легко сделать, недорогие, и - больше всего - они - забава! Для всех уровней способностей.

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W. Goss. My wife Pauline has been particulary helpful in typing the manuscript and E. F. Bunt has been of great assistance in research. If by any chance I have omitted any individual ororganization, I trust that my apology will be accepted and understood. The general arrangement drawings have all been specially prepared by John Lambert. Permission to reproduce the photographs is gratefully acknowledged, in particular to Vickers Shipbuilding Ltd, from whose archives all have been supplied except those noted below.

It was also planned that the boats should have two 18 in torpedo tubes on a twin mounting on the upper casing for use in night attacks, but this was removed from all the boats. K6, showing the modified bow, open upper bridge above the conning tower, and the heightened funnels. Losses K1 collided with K4 off the Danish coast on 18 November 1917. K1 was badly damaged and her crew were taken off before she was sunk by gunfire from HMS Blonde. K4 sank in collision with HMS Inflexible in a night exercise off May Island on 31 January 1918.

Launched builder Nautilus 1914 Vickers, Barrow-in-Furness Completed: 1917 Specification Displacement surfaced: 1,270 tons submerged: 1,694 tons Dimensions: 242½ x 26 x 16 ft Propulsion surfaced: Two diesel engines 3,700 hp submerged: Two electric motors 1,000 hp Speed surfaced: 17 knots submerged: 10 knots Range surfaced: 5,000 nm at 10 knots Armament Gun: Single 12 pdr (one 3 in DP / HA gun on commissioning) Torpedo: Six 18 in bow tubes Class notes: This experimental boat was designed for long-range use.

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