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By Dr. William J. Buchanan (auth.)

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U z 101 0110 001 1100 b !! 6 Repetitive sequence suppression Repetitive sequence suppression involves representing long runs of a certain bit sequence with a special character. A special bit sequence is then used to represent that character, followed by the number of times it appears in sequence. Typically Os (zero) and ' , (spaces) occur repetitively in text files. 32Fll where F represents the flag. In this case the number of stored characters has been reduced from 16 to 7. Many text sources have other characters which occur repetitively.

3 is a C program which reads the header, the image descriptor and the color table. 3 shows a truncated color table. The first three are: Image compression (GIFITIFFIPCX) 47 011110111010 110111010110 (7BADD6h) 10000100 1011 0101 1101 1110 (84B5DEh) 0111 0011 1010 1101 1101 0110 (73ADD6h) These colors have a strong blue component (D6h and DEh) and reduced strength red and green components. The image itself is a picture of clouds on a blue sky, thus the image is likely to have strong blue colors. gif Signature: GIF Version: 89a Screen width: 640 Screen height: 480 Packed: f7 Color index: 0 Aspect ratio: 0 Red: 7b Green: ad Blue: d6 Red: 84 Green: b5 Blue: de Red: 73 Green: ad Blue: d6 Red: 7b Green: ad Blue: de Red: 94 Green: bd Blue: de Red: 7b Green: b5 Blue: de Red: 8c Green: b5 Blue: de Red: 8c Green: bd Blue: de Red: 9c Green: c6 Blue: de Red: ce Green: de Blue: ef Red: de Green: e7 Blue: ef Red: a5 Green: c6 Blue: e7 ......

It can be seen that the most common character in the text is an 'e' ( 11 occurrences), followed by a 't' (7 occurrences), followed by on' (5 occurrences). 1 Enter text» this is an example text input to determine the number of occurrences of a character within a piece of text. it shows how the characters used in the english language vary in their occurrences. the e character is the most common character in the english language. 10 gives a simple C program which determines the probability of letters within a text file.

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