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By P. A. Muraro, A. Lugaresi, D. Gambi (auth.), D. Gambi, P. A. Muraro, A. Lugaresi, U. Ecari (eds.)

P.A. MURARO, A. LUGARESI, D. GAMBI a few of the pathological features of a number of sclerosis (MS) lesions were recognized for over a century. it is just lately, notwithstanding, that assorted styles of demyelination were associated with detailed pathways of immune-mediated tissue destruction. specifically, the inter-individual heterogeneity of MS lesions has steered that diverse mechanisms may possibly act in several sufferers, accounting for the variety saw in scientific direction, immunological findings in peripheral blood and cere­ brospinal fluid (CSF), and reaction to immunomodulatory remedies. to supply an summary of the fundamental mechanisms potentially fascinated by MS lesion initiation and improvement, a world assembly used to be equipped within the context of the once a year Congress of the Italian Neuroimmunology organization (AINI), held on the collage of Chieti, in Chieti Italy on 29 October 1998. The excessive typical of displays triggered us to document them in prolonged shape, to focus on contemporary seasoned­ gress within the knowing of easy mechanisms maintaining MS immuno­ pathogenesis. A critical function within the attainable mechanisms resulting in myelin destruc­ tion has been attributed to T lymphocytes reactive to myelin antigens. experiences at the myelin antigen-specific T cellphone repertoire have contributed major advances to our wisdom of autoimmunity (Chapters 1,2).

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Recent data indicate that glutamate released by electrically active neurons was indirectly involved in this inhibitory process and prevented MHC class II induction on microglia [13]. In our laboratory, glutamate (at lower concentrations, 20 flM) was found to reduce MHC class II inducibility of microglia in cultured brain tissue [13]. However, no direct effect of glutamate on isolated microglial cells was observed. Production and secretion of neurotrophins are also closely associated with electrical activity of neurons [14].

J ImmunoI159:3723-3730 17. Poggi A, Zocchi MR, Costa P, Ferrero E, Borsellino G, Placido R, Galgani S, Salvetti M, Gasperini C, Ristori G, Brosnan CF, Battistini L (1999) IL-12mediated NKRP1A up-regulation and consequent enhancement of endothelial transmigration of VB2+ TCRyB+ T lymphocytes from healthy donors and multiple sclerosis patients. J Immunol (in press) 18. Poggi A, Costa P, Zocchi MR, Moretta L (1997) Phenotypic and functional analysis of CD4+ NKRP1A human T lymphocytes: direct evidence that the NKRP1A molecule is involved in transendothelial migration.

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