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By Dimitrije E. Panfilov

This authoritative reference publication assembles the adventure of a global college of authors, every one of whom has played a number of thousand facelifts, i.e. approaches to rejuvenate and harmonize the human face. All methods during this regard are lined and the textual content is observed through wide art and pictures.

The authors percentage their adventure, together with advice and tips, in addition to how you can keep away from problems and pitfalls. particular emphasis is given to the concept that of the face as a mosaic, i.e. treating its person components in a harmonic method and retaining mimic devices. Combining diverse tools, it truly is attainable to enhance the final final result and reduce the aggressiveness of singular systems, which leads to fewer hazards and less problems.

The e-book is aimed toward plastic surgeons starting to practice facial cosmetic surgery in addition to skilled surgeons, who will enjoy the sizeable and profound adventure of the contributing authors. A kaleidoscope of 363 vital facets, assistance and methods in facial cosmetic surgery rounds up the presentation. The integrated DVD additional complements the sensible worth of the e-book with movies of proced

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For Freud the ego is the mediator between person and reality. Sensitive people suffer from their physical defects. They usually try out everything possible, and they have often concerned themselves for some time with the idea of undergoing aesthetic surgical correction. However, adapting to a new body image becomes more difficult with advancing age. Nudism and sauna habits have contributed towards a considerably stricter assessment of imperfections of the body. In advanced age, the traces of time are judged to be signs of weakness, which can in turn lead to devaluation and isolation.

It also indicates our character. Neurophysiology has proven that we are able to produce about 7,000 different facial expressions, but we use only several hundred. Like words, there are about 100,000 different words in most languages, but we use only a few thousand. Nine minutes after birth, a baby looks first of all into faces and almost half of this time it fixed on the eyes of the person communicating with. Babies have universally spread elementary facial expressions. They develop them within the first year of life: smiling and a surprised look shortly after birth; sadness and disgust they learn by the third month; a false “social smile” also by this time; anger between the fifth and ninth months.

Love: Human closeness and emotional warmth. – Sex: Endorphins are released during sex, sports, and laughter – they are the body’s own pleasure producers which act like opiates. – A healthy sleep: This lasts 7–9 h each day. The daily 6 min nap, as taken by the “old” German chancellor Adenauer or the old Chinese, acts like an oasis of rest in the middle of the day. – Autogenic training, meditation, prana-yama, etc. are other easily learnable methods to recover one’s balance and prolong youthfulness.

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