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18 Chapter 3 Operation Restore Hope (Somalia) A Case Study for Airhead Operations Operation Restore Hope, Somalia, is the largest contingency operation conducted by the United States since Operation Desert Shield/Storm . It holds a special significance for Air Mobility Command as the first major projection of forces by air mobility assets following command activation on 1 June 1992. The Background For the purposes of a case study, Restore Hope is ideal because it is a microcosm of air mobility contingency airhead operations under austere conditions in an exacting environment .

Airlift missions into Somalia began in late August with delivery of supplies at Belet Uen (figs . 5A-B) . Operations into Somalia were flown in a completely uncontrolled environment where 21 AIRHEAD OPERATIONS I, LZ NAME LANDING ZONE SURVEY 4. Z. MAPSERIES ISHEET NUMBER IEDITION IDATE OFMAP Series 1501 Sheet NB 38-15 Edition 1-GSGS 1971 SURVEY APPROVALIDISAPPROVAL DATA IA. DATE SURVEYED TYPED NAME AND GRADE OF SURVEYOR PHONE NUMDER(AUrOVON) UNIT 40, DATE REVIEWED TYPED NAME AND GRADE OF REVIEWER PHONE NUMBER(AUTOVON) SIGNATURE PNONENUMBER(AUTOVON) SIGNATURE 23 Aug 92 John C .

DOO is responsible for recommending the detailed commitment of airlift resources for conduct of theater airlift operations . This is accomplished through preparation of daily tasking orders. "7 The mission monitoring section (DOCC) executes the published airlift schedule and its tracking. Combat operations (DOX) continually assembles, updates, and disseminates data on theater airfields, assault zones, and drop zones . Based on its assessment of factors impacting on theater airlift and tanker operations, DOX suggests tactics for employment.

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