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By Ulrich Rudolph

Al-Māturīdī (d. 944 CE), the favourite ḥanafī pupil from Samarqand, succeeded in formulating a theological doctrine that's extensively permitted in Sunnī Islam to this present day. the current quantity examines his teachings via describing their crucial features and situating them within the background of kalām.
The first half investigates the advance of ḥanafī proposal in Transoxania earlier than Māturīdī's time. the second one half offers with the opposite non secular teams (in specific the Mu‘tazilites) which emerged during this zone in the course of his lifetime. half 3 exhibits how he defined and defended the location of his academics. In doing so, he reformed their conventional perspectives, thereby constructing his personal theology which then turned the foundation of a brand new culture, viz. the Māturīdite university.

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