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Дизайнерская фирма Alberto Pinto является одним из лидеров в области роскошного оформления интерьеров. Это парижское агентство со штатом в 50 человек пользуется авторитетом во всем мире благодаря разнообразным проектам оформления отелей, дорогих квартир, яхт и частных самолетов.

В книге отсканированы иллюстрации, 146 стр., текст отсутствует.

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222-225. This theme is developed over and over again throughout Fisher's text. 19 Fisher, op. , pp. 56-58. 32 HOBBES AND SCEPTICISM II The second of Fisher's problems was that the now existing text is a historical compound. We do not have a holograph copy. Instead we have what La Peyrère called "a heap of copy of copy". What we have indicates that parts of the original have been lost, parts added later than Moses, and later than Ezra's reconstitution of the Mosaic text. The decision about what items are part of Scripture was made, we are told, by a group of ancient rabbis long after the events in the Bible.

J. Brill, 1987), pp. 42-45 and 49. 6 Richard Tuck, "Grotius, Carneades and Hobbes", GrotianialV (1983), pp. 4362. L, 1643). 8 Cf. Richard Tuck, "The 'Modern' Theory of Natural Law", in Anthony Pagden, The Languages of Political Theory in Early Modern Europe (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1987), pp. 99-119. 9 Richard Tuck, "Hobbes and Scepticism", in the volume of studies on Hobbes, edited by J. A. G. Rogers (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1989). HOBBES AND SCEPTICISM II 29 true claims of the Christian religion, rather than on contending that he was a sceptic about the possibility of human knowledge in general.

368. , p. 369. 26 Some suggestions were made by later interpreters that Ezra, the scribe, wrote the non-Mosaic lines. Very soon after Hobbes, the denial of the Mosaic authorship of every line of the Pentateuch became the opening wedge in developing a scepticism about Jewish or Christian revealed religion. Samuel Fisher and La Peyrère argued that Moses could not be the author of the present mixed-up text. La Peyrère, who was working on his Biblical criticism during the 1640s and early 1650s, consulting the leading Bible scholars, was part of the Mersenne circle, and knew many of the people Hobbes knew.

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