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By Robert Marshall

The tale of mystery provider treachery within the moment global conflict. It describes how the pinnacle of MI6, piqued by means of Chruchill's developing of SOE as a rival sabotage and intelligence association, devised a catch, utilizing a double agent, Henri Dericourt, to spoil the full of SOE's intelligence community in France. consequently approximately 1,000 women and men have been arrested, 1000s of whom died in focus camps.

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7 These businessmen, most of whom had dealings in Germany, supplied him with information on Germany’s re-armament programmes and, more significantly, on the clandestine flow of currency loans to Germany through the Swiss banking system. During 1936, MI6 discovered that its continental networks had been penetrated by German intelligence. ‘Quex’ Sinclair decided to tackle his problems of failing resources and German penetration by exploiting Dansey’s unofficial links with the business world. During the autumn the PCO Rome was summoned to London on the pretext that some financial irregularities had been discovered in the Rome accounts.

His pedigree, like that of the service, was a bit ropey. The Secret Service Bureau was created in 1909 by a government alarmed by a series of reports (completely false) that there were extensive networks of German spies at work in Britain. The first head of the secret service was a retired naval commander named Mansfield Cumming who had a distinctly swashbuckling view of the business of intelligence gathering. ’2 Cumming travelled around Europe, usually in a disguise he had purchased from Bermans and Nathans, armed with nothing more lethal than a swordstick.

They called it Patriotism. The world had been turned upside down. Of course, not all the inmates the Germans imprisoned there in 1943 were true patriots and nor indeed were all those imprisoned in 1946 guilty of treason. The prisoners in Fresnes were part of a larger society that was gradually steeling itself for a painful period of self-examination. France was emerging from one of the darker chapters in her long history. She had not been united by war, but shattered into a hundred fragments. The presence of the Nazi occupiers had encouraged some Frenchmen of a fascist persuasion to embrace the invader – in the name of France.

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