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By Robert Desmond

One among Olympia's workhorse Desmond's finest titles, this ebook strains the lifetime of Arwel, his mom Gwen, and diverse adults of their rural united kingdom village.

Widowed at an early age by way of the demise of her husband Trevor, Gwen makes a pass of items, first with the landlord of a foodstuffs corporation the place she works, later with a track teacher, and with various managers of her corporation.

Gwen is a really decided widow, and someplace alongside the way in which, Arwel achieves his personal sexual awakening.

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24 Pleasure Exchange She drew a shaky breath, slid her tongue over her bottom lip, and swiped away a raindrop that slipped from her bangs. She closed her hand over his, a combination of heat and desire flickering in her eyes. “Of course not, Sam. ” she asked, her voice darkly seductive. Suddenly, the air around them changed as sexual energy arced between them. Heat pooled in his thighs as her warm breath wafted across his face. A slow grin curled his lips. The look in her eyes spoke volumes. Her needs and desires matched his.

Her voice sounded edgy. ” He opened his mouth to reply when reality hit him full force. It went completely against protocol to test the serum on humans before written approval. If his Director got wind of it, he’d kick Sam’s ass to the curb. But if he wanted to prove his findings to the Grant Governing Board and secure future grants, he’d have to break protocol. Who knew how much time it’d take for protestors to settle down and testing to begin again, and since time was something he didn’t have.

The light fell over her, bathing her body in a soft golden glow. The erotic vision bombarded his body with lust and need and something else, something just out of grasp, something he couldn’t quite put a name to. Something, he suspected, he was better off leaving nameless. He crossed the room to stand before her. His movements were slow, deliberate, giving her time to absorb her surroundings, to get comfortable. ” He shrugged his coat off and tossed it over a nearby chair. She nodded. ” Deft fingers began working the buttons on her coat.

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