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While the base is not described, it probably was the flaring type, which was standard for early menoroth as well as for the later versions from the Second Temple period. Some kind of bowl or saucer nt7l with seven lamps (but there is no reference to branches) is set on top of the menorah. The two olives might refer to two vessels added to the lamps to hold oil (Haran 1968:22). But what is this gulah on top of the stand? The word appears in I Kgs. 7:41 and II Chron. 4:12 with reference to the columns Yakhin and Boaz: `the two n' (globes) of the capitals upon the columns'.

The festivities continued for eight days (the festival of Hanukkah: see pp. that they made a law that their descendants should celebrate the restoration of the temple service for eight days. And from that time to the present we observe this festival, which we call the Festival of Lights' (Ant. 12. 319. 325-326; see also I Macc. 49-57; II Macc. 6; Sperber 1965:137-40). and a lampstand, likewise made of gold, but constructed on a differ- ent pattern from those which we use in ordinary life. Affixed to a pedestal was a central shaft, from which there extended slender branches, a wrought lamp being attached to the extremity of each branch; of these there were seven, indicating the honor paid to that number among the Jews (War 7.

8 CHAPTER ONE Antiochus Epiphanes plundered the Temple and took its ritual vessels, including the menorah, as spoils: `Arrogantly entering the temple, he took the golden altar and the candelabrum with all its furnishings' (I Macc. 21; Ant. 12. 250). After conquering Jerusalem ca. 168 BCE, Judah the Maccabean cleansed and renovated the Temple and kindled the lights (I Macc. 4. 48-50) on a makeshift lampstand (the original having been plundered). ) overlaid with tin, with lamps affixed to them (Sperber 1965:137-38, and n.

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