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This group included scribes, government officials, noblemen, priests, and priestesses. Originally, all government workers were relatives of the pharaoh, but this changed as the population grew and positions started to be passed from father to son. By the time the Old Kingdom ended, the pharaoh Servants for the Dead The ancient Egyptians believed people journeyed to the underworld after death, where everyone had to do menial labor. They buried wealthy people with small figurines called ushabti that were supposed to magically come alive and work for them when needed.

Egyptians sometimes painted items such as pottery and furniture, usually with religious scenes. indd 59 10/30/14 9:29 AM GLASSMAKING The ancient Egyptians created beautiful beads, figures, tiles, and other items from glass as early as 1250 BCE. To make the glass, they heated silica and ash to a high temperature, then crushed and washed the mixture before coloring it and melting it again. The molten glass was poured into molds to form chunks called ingots. These were later melted down again and shaped into their final form.

Beginning in approximately 3500 BCE, the people of ancient Egypt wrote by pressing a tool into a clay tablet to form pictures called hieroglyphs. Clay was free. If it had not been baked, scribes could reuse the tablet by wetting the clay and rubbing out the letters. While this ability to make changes was beneficial, this early method also had a downside: the tablets could be quite large and heavy. This early hieroglyphic script used symbols to represent both words and word sounds. For example, the symbol for the word sun was a circle with a tiny circle inside it.

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