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By J.M. Jauch

"... thought-provoking and pleasant. i think that anybody drawn to nature's private secrets and techniques could locate nice stimulation during this charmingly written little gem of a book." -- Douglas Hofstadter"... strange, pleasant, nonmathematical book... The reader is left in entertainment and admiration." -- medical American"This is an excellent book... " -- American magazine of Physics"... this inventive work... elucidates the distinction among the classical, deterministic notions that appear inbred and the unusual habit of the microscopic quantum world.... by way of resurrecting Galileo's 3 questing buddies, Jauch is ready to pose questions a pupil wish to ask yet too usually is inhibited from doing so." -- the main ReporterAn authority on either quantum mechanics and the paintings of Galileo, J. M. Jauch wrote this captivating discourse in imitation of Galileo's celebrated discussion "Two significant platforms of the World." The discussion shape is fun in addition to worthwhile and appeals to the coed of quantum mechanics, the thinker or historian of technology, and the lay individual.

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You know of course that Aristotle denied the existence of the void, and that his space is filled with a substance. How much easier it would be to have this substance at our disposal Page 7 now as the carrier of light waves, just as water carries water waves and air carries sound waves. Why do you refuse to admit a substance as the carrier of light waves? 3 Simpliclo While it is tue that I once considered Aristotle the greatest philosopher who ever lived, you cannot reproach me for having actively defended his thesis of the plenum of space.

Simplicio You speak of differences which I choose to ignore. What are these differences? Let me know them so that I can see for myself whether they are not merely differences in degree rather than differences in essence. Sagredo Yes, Salviati, please tell us which differences force us to adopt a solution for the occurrence of random sequences in your experiment other than the one of hidden variables? I must confess that I have often heard this point discussed. It seems to me the crucial one in the entire logical and phenomenological structure of microphysics.

Indeed, the very concept of a photon as a sort of atom of light is entirely alien to the conceptual structure of a field, such as an electromagnetic wave. The former is a discrete, indivisible entity, the latter a continuum. These two concepts are hard to reconcile in one and the same physical object. Sagredo I am profoundly disturbed about the dis- Page 10 ruption of the unity of science which you indicate with your remarks. It is as though there were a basic duality in nature which furnishes complementary descriptions of one and the same object.

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