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By Kevin S. Wimmer

This research examines armored conflict in a jungle atmosphere. the point of interest is to figure out if there's a position for flooring fixed armored forces in jungle struggle. This examine explains how armor was once utilized in prior jungle conflicts and examines present doctrine and applicability of employment of armor within the jungle.

The first component of the examine specializes in discerning how armor used to be utilized in earlier jungle conflicts. The Pacific crusade of worldwide conflict II and the Vietnam struggle are tested to figure out the ancient position of armor in a jungle setting. Early employment of armor in those conflicts is tested to figure out the standards to be used of armored forces within the jungle and examines the strategies, thoughts, and approaches that have been constructed in the course of those conflicts.

The moment component of this learn specializes in the feasibility of present employment of armor in a jungle atmosphere. present military and Marine armored doctrine is tested and interviews are carried out to figure out if present armored structures may possibly and may be hired in jungle conflict. also, officials from overseas nations are interviewed to figure out how armored forces are hired within the jungle components in their nations.

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S. S. S. S. Coast Guard Historical and Personnel Records APPENDIX E: INTERNET RESOURCES APPENDIX F: GLOSSARY, ABBREVIATIONS, ACRONYMS, AND MINUTIAE APPENDIX G: ACKNOWLEDGMENTS APPENDIX H: RECOMMENDED READING Preface Late in the afternoon of September 16, 1970, my platoon mounted the crest of a small hill and began setting up our night defensive position. Exhausted from the climb and tattered uniform drenched with sweat, I first caught my breath and then voraciously wolfed-down a can of C-ration pineapple bits, relishing every drop of its sweet, thick, thirst-quenching juice.

The first leg of the journey is now over and it is my fervent hope these pages and their words become a very accurate and important resource for Vietnam veterans, their families, students of the American War and future generations that might pause to look back. My sincere hope is that this manuscript will also help us all to determine just exactly where we were during our Vietnam experience and, in some cases, facilitate visits and even revisits to those many memory-intensive and far-off points once filled with thunder, light and hope.

Consider the fact most official reports were compiled or transcribed by nineteen-year olds woefully lacking in military experience or any real interest in the task at hand. But even where interest and experience might have been abundant, errors were commonplace. Consider too, that as long as there are historians around to compound the problem with our own inadvertent contributions, such errors will remain forever problematic. Readers will likely encounter numerous errors and omissions throughout the text and no one should rely on any of the material presented here as completely factual without independent verification.

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