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By Ashfaq A Marghoob, Josep Malvehy, Ralph P Braun

content material: heritage of pores and skin floor Microscopy and Dermatoscopy, W. Stolz, O. Braun-Falco, U. Semmelmayer, and A. W. Kopf rules of Dermoscopy, M. Binder Dermoscopy and past: The tools. The Evolution from the Dermoscope to desktop research of Dermoscopic photographs, F.A. Sanchez Negron, A.W. Kopf, and A.A. Marghoob Histopathological Correlation in Dermoscopy, G. Kaya and R.P. Braun Differential analysis of Pigmented Lesions of the surface, R.P. Braun and J.-H. Saurat Pigmented Basal mobilephone Carcinoma, D. Polsky Dermoscopic styles of sunlight Lentigenes and Seborrheic Keratoses, S.Q. Wang, H. Rabinovitz, and M.C. Oliviero Vascular Lesions, Hemangiomas/angiokeratomas, B. Katz, B. Rao, and A.A. Marghoob Dermatofibroma, B. Katz, B. Rao and A.A. MARGHOOB Pigmented Actinic Keratosis, B.Katz and B. Rao ABCD Rule, U. Semmelmayer, W.H.C. Burgdorf, and W. Stolz The Menzies strategy, S.W. Menzies The Seven-Point record, G. Argenziano development research, M. Dawid, H. Pehamberger, R.P. Braun, and H. Rabinovitz ABC-Point-List of Dermoscopy, A. Blum, H. Luedtke, U. Ellwanger, G. Rassner, and G. Garbe The ABCD-E Scoring procedure and the Three-Point list, A.A. Marghoob and J.M. Fu Dermoscopic good points of Congenital Melanocytic Nevi, A.A. Marghoob, J.M. Fu, and D. Sachs Dysplastic Nevus (atypical mole), J.M.Tripp and A.W. Kopf Benign styles of Clinically ordinary Nevi: A speculation, J.M. Tripp, S.Q. Wang, D. Polsky, and A.W. Kopf Dermscopic good points of universal Melanocytic Nevi of the Junctional, Compound, and Dermal kind, J. Bauer and A. Blum Blue Nevus/Combined Nevus, B. Katz, B. Rao , and A.A. Marghoob Spitz and Reed Nevi, A. Blum, G. Metzler, R.P. Braun, A.A. Marghoob, and J. Bauer Recurrent (persistent) Nevi, A.A. Marghoob and A. Korzenko Superficial Spreading cancer, S.W. Menzies Acrolentigious cancer, T. Saida, A. Miyazaki , and C.M. Grin Nodular cancer, S.W. Menzies Lentigo Maligna cancer, U. Semmelmayer, W.H.C. Burgdorf, and W. Stolz prognosis of Amelanotic Melamoma by means of Dermoscopy AND VASCULAR facets, J.F. Kreusch and A.A. Marghoob Breslow intensity Prediction by means of Dermoscopy, J. Malvehy and S. Puig Pigmented Lesions of the arms and Soles, C.M. Grin and T. Saida Dermoscopy at the Face, R. Schiffner Dermoscopic exam of Melanonychia Striata, L. Thomas and S. Ronger-Savle different makes use of of Dermoscopy, F. Vazquez-Lopez and J.F. Kreusch Nailfold Capillaries, J.F. Kreusch Diagnostic Accuracy of Dermoscopy/Dermatoscopy, H. Kittler Computer-assisted analysis of Pigmented pores and skin Lesions, W. Stolz, W.H.C. Burgdorf, and U. Semmelmayer computerized analysis: Illustrated through the Melafind(R) process, M. Elbaum Teledermoscopy, D. Piccolo, A. Ferrari, ok. Peris, and S. Chimenti Follow-up of Melanocytic pores and skin Lesions with electronic Dermoscopy, H. Kittler web pages and CD-ROMS on Dermoscopy, M.L. Nestor

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8)5. 9)7–9,13.  Melanosis differs from fibrosis by the additional presence of a band of melanophages in a thickened papillary dermis9,13. 11).  Other vascular dermoscopic structures include telangiectasia which represent dilated vessels in the papillary dermis and red­blue areas (lacunae) which correspond to dilated vascular spaces in the dermis.  Sometimes milia­like cysts are pigmented, and thus can resemble globules (see Chapter 6b).  Histopathologically, comedo­like structures correspond to the concave, often hyperkeratinized clefts, of the epidermis (see Chapter 6b).

The dermoscopic diagnostic criteria discussed in this Atlas and all the dermoscopy images in this Atlas pertain to liquid interface dermoscopy.  Thus; without dermoscopy the whole field of ‘algorithmic dermoscopy’ would not have been possible.  In Chapter 2, Dr Michael Binder provides a valuable list of websites for the devices outlined in this chapter.  A prospective study comparing diagnosis with the naked eye, dermatoscopy and telespectrophotometry.  Differentiation between pigmented Spitz naevus and melanoma by digital dermoscopy and stepwise logistic discriminant analysis.

Histopathologically, they represent nests of pigmented epithelial nodules of basal cell carcinoma (see Chapter 6a).  Histopathologically, they correspond to the nests of basal cell carcinoma radiating from a follicular epithelium (see Chapter 6a).  When a network is absent, ovoid nests are highly suggestive of basal cell carcinoma (see Chapter 6a).  They have to be differentiated from multiple blue­gray dots (which correspond to melanophages and melanin dust; see Chapter 6a).  Superficial black network: an additional dermoscopic clue for the diagnosis of pigmented spindle and/or epithelioid cell nevus.

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