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By Arthur Hyman, Averroes

A set of treatises via Averroes at the nature and houses of the heavens. incorporates a severe variation of the Hebrew textual content with English translation, observation and creation.

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15 The preceding passage seems to parallel one quoted by Maimonides—also in the name of Alexander (of Aphrodisias)—in Guide of the Perplexed, II, 3. '" For a discussion of this Maimonidean passage and its background in Alexander's work, cf. S. Pines, "Translator's Introduction," Guide of the Perplexed (Chicago, 1963), pp. Ixvii-lxxii. A translation of the relevant passage from Alexander's work is found on p. lxix. One of the two extant Arabic versions of "The Principles of the AH" ("FI Mabadi' al-Kull") has been published by A.

Locomotion, transparency and opaqueness, rarity and density, are accidents of the former kind; calefaction, and the qualities of hot, cold, moist, and dry, are accidents of the latter kind. 5 101 For the succeeding discussion, cf. below, chap. 4, n. 18. 35 CONCERNING THE SUBSTANCE OF THE CELESTIAL SPHERE BY AVERROES A TREATISE BY THE PHILOSOPHER AVERROES CONCERNING THE SUBSTANCE OF THE [CELESTIAL] SPHERE 1 CHAPTER ONE In this treatise we intend to investigate concerning the nature of the line i» things of which the celestial body2 is composed.

And if Aristotle has already verified one's statements, then one can rest assured that they are like the intelligible first principles that are derived from sense perception. And indeed, just as it is unnecessary to make the intelligibles, insofar as they are intelligibles, rely upon sense perceptions, even though they come from them, so, when we, in our investigations and disputations, come to a statement that Aristotle has made, it is not necessary to inquire if it is true, for Aristotle's understanding contained such reliable truth that it could not even conceive anything false.

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