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Bangladesh, situated in south-central Asia, is the main densely populated state on the earth. referred to as Bengal ahead of the British-led partition of India in 1947, Bangladesh fell lower than keep an eye on of Pakistan. It used to be henceforth referred to as East Pakistan until eventually 1971, while it completed independence, thank you principally to assist from India. Bangladesh's panorama is ruled by way of the Ganges and Brahmaputra rivers and infrequently stories immense floods throughout the monsoon season simply because lots of the nation is at or close to sea point. ''Bangladesh'' deals a wealth of sensible info for these looking to study extra approximately this country's wealthy heritage and dramatic weather.

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Things would be a bit crowded, wouldn’t they! How would people find land on which to live and raise crops to feed their families? How could the government provide adequate services such as sanitation, schooling, and medical care? How could people find jobs? In order to understand the incredible population problem Bangladesh faces, we must first have an understanding of the demographic data and what they mean. ) Regarding the following data, however, a word of caution must be given. Sources often differ on the figures that they give.

There were major cultural differences as well. One vitally important difference was the languages used in each region. Urdu was advocated by West Pakistan as the official language, and Bengali, the dominant language of East Pakistan, received second-class status. Most people in East Pakistan could not even understand Urdu. They were furious over the political decision made in distant Karachi to elevate Urdu to the status of the country’s official tongue. In 1952, student demonstrations in East Pakistan ended in violence when police killed two protestors.

Mujib became 47 042-050_MWN-BANG_04 48 1/26/07 3:44 PM Page 48 Bangladesh prime minister, and Dhaka was designated as the capital city for the fragile new nation. EARLY YEARS AS A NATION After the war, Bangladesh was in shambles. Ruined cities, a devastated economy, and a population ravaged by widespread death, rape, hunger, and displacement from homes were left in the wake of conflict. Chaos, violence, and anarchy had existed in the society for years under Pakistani rule. The new government faced the daunting task of regaining civil authority and creating law and order.

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