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167: 1129–1143. , Su¨ling, J. and Petri, R. 1998. Phylogenetic relationships among the Chromatiaceae, their taxonomic reclassification and description of the new genera Allochromatium, Halochromatium, Isochromatium, Marichromatium, Thiococcus, Thiohalocapsa, and Thermochromatium. Int. J. Syst. Bacteriol. 48: 1129–1143. 5 of the chapter describing the family Chromatiaceae. List of species of the genus Halochromatium 1. gens. L. n. sal salt; L. v. L. part. adj. salexigens salt-demanding. 5 lm, motile by means of a polar or subpolar tuft of flagella.

Sugars are utilized through the Embden–Meyerhof pathway. Optimum conditions for chemotrophic growth in the dark are ϳ10% O2 in the gas phase. Phototrophic growth in the light 17 is suppressed at O2 concentrations above 2%. 8% agar medium in the dark, growth occurs 1 cm below the surface. Thiosulfate or S0 are required as electron donor and sulfur source for assimilatory purposes (Krasil’ nikova, 1981). 2%. 5% Na2S2O3•5H20, growth of aerobic cultures is strongly inhibited. In the dark, thiosulfate is oxidized to S0 and sulfate.

Phototrophic green and purple bacteria: a comparative, systematic survey. Annu. Rev. Microbiol. 31: 275–290. Winogradsky, S. 1888. Beitra¨ge zur Morphologie und Physiologie der Bakterien. Heft 1. Zur Morphologie und Physiologie der Schwefelbakterien, Arthur Felix, Leipzig. p. 1–120. 10 FAMILY I. CHROMATIACEAE Genus I. Chromatium Perty 1852, 174AL emend. Imhoff, Su¨ling and Petri 1998b, 1138 JOHANNES F. um. Gr. n. L. neut. n. Chromatium one which is colored. Cells are straight or slightly curved rods, more than 3 lm wide, single or in pairs, multiply by binary fission.

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