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By Gert H. Müller, Andreas R. Blass (eds.)

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Robinson ~ EOS ~ FoDOR, G. & MATE, A. Free sets and the structure of additive ideals ~ EOS ~ GAIFMAN, H. & SPECKER, E. Isomorphism types of trees ~ EOS E07 ~ HAJNAL, A. P. P. On a problem of Erdoes and Tarski ~ EOS E55 GOS ~ HARZHEIM, E. J. & TARSKI, A. J. J. On cardinalities of ultraproducts ~ C20 C55 EOS ~ MAREK, W. Onfamilies ofsets ~ EOS E75 ~ MATE, A. Additive /deale und unabhaengige Mengen ~ EOS E75 ~ 1966 BuKOVSKY, L. Consistency theorems connected with some combinatorial problems ~ EOS E35 ~ ERDOES, P.

Hartman ~ E05 E50 ~ KURATOWSKI, K. Sur une caracterisation des alephs ~ E05 E10 ~ NEUMER, W. Verallgemeinerung eines Satzes von Alexandroffund Urysohn ~ E05 E10 ~ 1955 ERDOES, P. & GILLMAN, L. & HENRIKSEN, M. An isomorphism theorem for real-closed fields ~ C60 E05 E50 E75 ~ EYRAUD, H. Le theoreme de /'ordinal limite ~ E05 E10 ~ FoDOR, G. Generalization ofa theorem ofAlexandroffand Urysohn ~ E05 ~ FoDOR, G . Some results concerning a problem in set theory ~ E05 ~ 5 EOS 1956-1962 Combinatorial set theory 1959 FRODA, A Suite "normales" transfinies (Romanian) (Russian and French summaries) ~ EOS ~ GINSBURG, S.

RADo, R. A problem on ordered sets ~ E05 E07 ~ FODOR, G. On a problem in set theory ~ E05 ~ GALE, D. M. Infinite games with peifect information ~ E05 E60 ~ GINSBURG, S. A class of everywhere branching sets ~ E05 E07 ~ HoHEISEL, G. & ScHMIDT, J. Ueber die Konstruktion einer gewissen totalen Ordnung in Baeumen ~ E05 E07 ~ KuREPA, D. On reflexive symmetric relations and graphs (Serbo-Croatian and English) ~ E05 E50 ~ NOVAK, JOSEF On some problems of Luzin concerning the subsets of natural numbers (Russian) (English summary) ~ E05 ~ NovAK, JOSEF On the cartesian product of two compact spaces ~ E05 E75 ~ SCHMIDT, J.

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