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By Gary L. Lemons

One man's account of changing into a feminist professor.

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Female and male students of color also came with their own anxieties and fears, but their uneasiness was about taking a course on black feminist thought focused on memoir writing. How students of color felt in a majority-white classroom was always on my mind. Despite the fact that whiteness was always mediating our interactions, their presence in the classroom provided me the comfort of feeling in solidarity with them. There were times when I felt my dark skin powerfully and viscerally connected to the skin colors of students of African descent.

Silenceϭdeath,” Marlon (Riggs) said. This page intentionally left blank. 1 Toward a Profession of Feminism Men who actively struggle against sexism have a place in feminist movement. . [M]en have a tremendous contribution to make to feminist struggle in the area of exposing, confronting, opposing, and transforming the sexism of their male peers. When men show a willingness to assume equal responsibility in feminist struggle, performing whatever tasks are necessary, women should affirm their revolutionary work by acknowledging them as comrades in struggle.

The formulation “thinking feminist, thinking black” enabled me to politicize my pedagogy focused on the relationship between gender and race. In a class of fifteen students eleven of the students were white females. The effectiveness of the memoir-writing strategy had to do with students’ willingness to “talk back” to racism related to white supremacy, sexism, and homophobia. It was this class that first ignited my passion for teaching black feminist antiracism. I found in Talking Back a well of pedagogical possibility.

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