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By Keijo Haataja, Konstantin Hyppönen, Sanna Pasanen, Pekka Toivanen

Bluetooth expertise has loved large good fortune, and it is now hired in billions of units for short-range instant facts and real-time audio or video move. during this publication the authors offer an outline of Bluetooth safeguard. They research community vulnerabilities and supply a literature-review comparative research of contemporary protection assaults. They research and clarify comparable countermeasures, together with one according to safe easy pairing, and so they suggest a unique assault that works opposed to all current Bluetooth models. They finish with a dialogue on destiny study instructions.

The publication is acceptable for practitioners and researchers in details protection, particularly these engaged within the layout of networked and cellular devices.

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A BlueBugging attack is very dangerous, because millions of vulnerable Bluetooth devices [33, 34, 45–48], especially Bluetooth mobile phones, are used every day all over the world [2, 61]. Blooover [66] and its successor Blooover II [67] are derived from Bluetooth Hoover, because they run on handheld devices, such as PDAs or mobile phones, and are capable of stealing sensitive information by using a BlueBugging attack [2, 64]. A Blooovering attack [66, 67] can be done secretly by using only a Bluetooth mobile phone with Blooover or Blooover II installed.

We used CATC Scripting Language to create our Brute-Force BD_ADDR Scanning Script, which works in the following way [2, 41]: 1. Set the scanning area. 2. , set a BD_ADDR value for the next connection attempt. 3. Try to create a basic ACL link between the protocol analyzer and a remote device by using the BD_ADDR value set in step 2. If the connection attempt fails, go back to step 2. Otherwise, the Brute-Force BD_ADDR Scanning Script has found a non-discoverable device (see Chap. 2). 4. Perform a remote name inquiry and a disconnection with the target device.

This takes up to a second, because both devices have unique hopping patterns and these patterns need to coincide on a 30 4 Comparative Analysis of Bluetooth Security Attacks frequency before communication can take place. 3 min) to find a hidden Bluetooth device in the range of vulnerability. Moreover, IEEE’s OUI database [5] (see Chap. 2) can be used to make educated guesses regarding the last byte of the NAP rather than blindly brute-forcing it. Typically, filtering the OUI list for vendor prefixes yields only a few dozen brute-force candidates, thus further reducing the time requirement.

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