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By Jens M. Hovem (auth.), William A. Kuperman, Finn B. Jensen (eds.)

vi those different types appear to signify the fundamental breakdown via box of present-day learn during this zone. notwithstanding every one paper has been categorized into this sort of different types (for convention association purpose), many papers overlapped or 3 components. it's also attention-grabbing to notice that not just are medical effects being communicated, however the most modern suggestions and the cutting-edge instruments of the exchange (existing and in improvement) also are being awarded. The forty-six papers offered at this convention symbolize the paintings of seventy scientists operating at universities, govt laboratories, and business laboratories in seven diversified nations . we wish to thank the members for his or her efforts and particularly for his or her promptness in delivering the editors with their ultimate manuscripts. William A. Kuperman Finn B. Jensen los angeles Spezia, Italy July 1980 CONTENTS GEOACOUSTIC homes OF MARINE SEDIMENTS Attenuation of Sound in Marine Sediments . • 1 J. M. Hovem Directivity and Radiation Impedance of a Transducer 15 Embedded in a Lossy Medium . •• •••••• G. H. Ziehm Elastic houses regarding intensity of Burial, Strontium content material and Age, and Diagenetic level in Pelagic Carbonate Sediments . . • • . • • • . forty-one M. H. Manghnani, S. O. Schianger, and P. D. Milholland program of Geophysical tools 'and apparatus to discover the ocean backside . •• •••. • fifty three H. F. Weichart The Acoustic reaction of a few Gas-Charged Sediments within the Northern Adriatic Sea • • • • . • • • • seventy three A.

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For both Vp and Vs' the horizontal velocities are generally higher than vertical (see Figs. 4 and 5). , at ~600 and ~950 m) negative anisotropy va lues have also been observed. 3 As can be seen in Figures 4 and 5, Ap and As are variable for the ooze and chalk sampies (-4 to 8% for Ap , -8 to 6% for As ); but indicate a trend of increasing anisotropy with increasing depth and diagenesis. 0 ± 4%. Figure 6 shows the positive correlation between Ap and As • Note that the ~ values (in %) are generally larger than the As values.

X • • x • __~__~-J__~__J -__~~__- L_ _~_ _L-~_ _~ 200 400 600 800 1000 1200 SEDIMENT DEPTH (m) Fig. 8. Sr content plotted against depth of buria1 at DSDP Sites 289, 167, 305, 317 and 306. All of the samp1es ana1yzed by atomic absorption spectrophotometry are 1arge1y carbonate. y. age of these sediments and their advanced state of diagenesis. and Doug1as 4 model for pe1agic carbonate diagenesis in which they regarded degree of cementation as time dependent because the driving force behind the cementation process is the tendency of the crysta1 system to reorganize toward astate of lowest free energy.

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