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By Eric Flint, Ryk E. Spoor

What's a palaeontologist doing on Mars? Pushing her boundaries...

Problematica, n: a time period utilized in palaeontology to consult fossils that seem to be both of unknown taxonomic foundation, or whose prevalence within the situation they're discovered contradicts present ideals of the sphere.

The locate was once made by way of undefined, a "funny fossil" not anyone has noticeable sooner than out in the midst of the Arizona barren region. And correct in the midst of controversy: the unusual formed fossil may perhaps aid to provide an explanation for one of many maximum mysteries of Earth's previous, the nice die off on the KT boundary. It warranted an incredible dig, person who may lead to the mummy lode, immortality. yet what Dr Helen Sutter didn't realize was once that it will take her all of the solution to Mars!

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She seemed to want to handle it. " With a groan of relief Helen put the case down. " "Fuel-cell generator. Some of the gadgets I'm going to use need some pretty high-power juice, and I knew this dig wasn't exactly going to have electric outlets handy. " Helen indicated a tarp and field tent nearby. "We set one up for you near the site. " "Certainly. I'm no paleontologist. " Helen caught a faint glint of color from behind the mirrored glasses as he entered the darker area of the tent. J. must be using a VRD or projective display on or from his glasses.

The three skeletons, near as I can tell, are in a rough semicircle. They do not appear to have been fighting each other. In fact, it looks to me as though at least one, possibly two, of them were trying to leave the area. And I don't see any clear indication of what killed them, unless it's those odd holes. But then, what made those holes? Those pebbles, are they cysts? I doubt it. Perhaps they were, as suggested, part of an infection— perhaps one that had some kind of psychological effects, as a number of parasites do, and could have caused erratic behavior .

She was Indian in her ancestry, on her mother's side. Her good-looking but intense face, black hair, black eyes and dusky complexion sometimes reminded Helen of a cartoon version of a Foreign Spy. Natasha, with a rural Montana accent. To make the absurdity perfect, Jackie was a graduate student in engineering—and shared with Joe a fascination with space exploration. Her looks and liking for dramatic gestures aside, the young woman was about as down-home American as anyone could get. Despite her intentions to become an astronaut, Jackie shared Joe's longstanding side interest in paleontology.

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