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Love the Waldorf approach. SO impressive to elevate little ones during this method. it is so very important for his or her total being to be nurtured and inspired so gracefully and creatively. i admire the relationship to nature as well.
I hoped for extra principles of what to do at domestic with the program from the e-book even though.

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For instance, before the age of 5, the child sees a stick, picks it up and begins to play at being a knight, with the stick as a sword. After around the age of 5 they say; ‘I would like to be a knight, and I need a sword’, then look around for wood to make one, and generally it needs to look right! They have a mental image of what the sword should look like, and could spend hours sawing, hammering and sanding this sword until it looks good enough to play with. The impulse changes from being stimulated by the object or toy which leads them to the play, to the idea for the play, then looking for the toy or object to support it.

Quite a lot of time is allowed for this. Wellington boots are worn most of the time as the play tends to get rather muddy, and they do a great deal of digging! Now the children are expected to be doing, actively experiencing their physical bodies and the space around them. Young children do not have a good awareness of space (noticeable by the way they often bump into things or each other, or trip over steps or objects) so the teachers and children work on this by throwing balls, playing ring games, skipping with ropes (big and small), balancing, climbing, 49 Rhythm, repetition and reverence gardening and strengthening the limbs.

Repetition plays a key role in establishing continuity and in the healthy development of memory. Children’s memories are strengthened by recurring experiences; and daily, weekly and yearly events in kindergarten are remembered and often eagerly anticipated a second time around. Stories are told not just once, but many times: repetition brings the opportunity for children to familiarise themselves with the material and to deepen their relationship to it. Repetition is a general aid to learning and memory and when we repeat something often enough, it becomes a habit.

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