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By Michael Barthorp

153 года назад началась Крымская война (1853-1856)\n\nПредлагаю Вашему вниманию 7 книг издательства Osprey, посвященных событиям тех лет.\n\nпароль на архивы - infanata

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James W. , 2005), 48; For a detailed description of creation of the Air Force as a separate service, see Herman S. Wolk, “The Quest for Independence,” in Winged Shield, Winged Sword vol. I, ed. Bernard C. Nalty (Washington, DC: Air Force History and Museums Program, 1997), 371-98. 43. /p4013coll11 (accessed 5 August 2008); Richard P. , A History of Army Aviation, 1950–1962 (Fort Monroe: Office of the Command Historian, 1991), 10. 44. Captain Louis B. Ely, “The Autogiro–an Observation Post,” Field Artillery Journal 20, no.

Simultaneously, the effectiveness of strategic bombing in disrupting German industry convinced the AAF that future wars could be won from the air. The nuclear bomb added weight to the latter of these arguments. During the five years between the end of World War II and the outbreak of war on the Korean peninsula, the Army underwent a number of adjustments. In 1946, the commands of the Army Ground Forces and Army Air Forces were eliminated and responsibilities reassigned between numerous new organizations.

Two types of companies performed the majority of fixed wing observation flights: the reconnaissance aviation companies and the surveillance aviation companies. 31 DOD photo. The reconnaissance airplane companies (RAC), initially called surveillance airplane light, directed artillery fire, flew convoy cover, provided radio relay, and at times transported personnel. However, 75 percent of the time they performed visual reconnaissance missions. RACs flew in L-19s although in the interim between Korea and Vietnam the Army changed the designation to the O-1.

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