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By Gordon L. Rottman

The Browning "50-cal" has turn into the longest serving weapon within the US stock. The "fifty" has been hired in each that you can think of function for a laptop gun. it's thought of such an efficient and trustworthy weapon that few nations ever tried to enhance an identical weapon. Even the japanese created a replica of it in the course of international battle II whilst the united states used to be generating actually millions each month to exploit in each theater. it is a background of the improvement of this well-known weapon, its most important operational use and the editions which were produced to maintain it on the vanguard of the action.

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Besides providing air defense these positions were also used to fire on Japanese counter-landing attempts in the beachhead. (Cody Images) Fifties were little used by the infantry in the Pacific, but were sometimes employed in perimeter defense in those situations where an island was not completely cleared of the enemy. They proved effective against trucks and lightly armored Japanese tanks, and could penetrate the coconut logs and bamboo used in the construction of Japanese bunkers. Antiaircraft machine-gun units were often set up to cover beaches to prevent Japanese counter-landings on US beachheads.

Water intake hose 4. 200-round M2 “tombstone” ammunition chest 9. Water outlet hose 5. Gunner’s backrest 10. 50-cal M2 Browning is fitted on an M2 2 antiaircraft mount, of the type used early in World War II. At this time both web and link ammunition belts were in use, and the 3 functional ammunition mix was four ball to one tracer, two armor4 piercing, two incendiary, and one tracer, which was excellent for antiaircraft use. It required a three-man crew – the gunner, 5 assistant gunner, and water chest operator.

The bolt is then held in this position and the barrel screwed fully into the barrel extension; then the barrel is unscrewed in two clicks. Another quick method, although only permitted in combat, is to run the headspace in five clicks, hit the charging handle, and then back the barrel out until it fires and back it out one more click for safety. To set the timing without gauges, a dog-tag or dime can be used as a fire gauge and a nickel (5 cents) and a dime (10 cents) or four dog tags can all be used as no-fire gauges.

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