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By Jacek Artymiak

Written by means of Jacek Artymiak, a common contributor to, construction Firewalls with OpenBSD and PF is the 1st and purely print booklet dedicated exclusively to the topic of the pf packet filter out utilized in OpenBSD, FreeBSD, and NetBSD working platforms. issues lined comprise: firewall layout, ruleset syntax, packet normalization (scrubbing), packet redirection (masquerading), packet filtering, bandwidth administration (ALTQ), load balancing, and extra. the writer continues a website and a mailing record for the readers of his ebook

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The software might be saved on an EPROM chip encased in a nice plastic box with little connectors sticking out of it, but the hardware alone won’t work if there is no software to drive it. So, when someone speaks of a hardware firewall, they are talking about a piece of software sold together with a specialized piece of hardware that runs that particular packet filtering software. 5 Firewalls Great and Small We will now discuss various popular firewall designs used in all kinds of network installations, large and small.

A single failure in a coaxial installation leaves all computers connected to the same cable without access to the network, while a failure of a single twisted-pair cable disconnects only one machine. When you enter the realm of Gigabit Ethernet, you may also need to use fiber cables to minimize signal loss and maximize bandwidth. This will no longer be a small network, but pf can handle these without problems. These and other issues faced by administrators of large networks are discussed in [Dooley 2002] and [Limoncelli, Hogan 2002].

This is handy from the point of view of security, because a device without an IP address is invisible to other hosts on the network and cannot become the target of an attack. Although you can buy a good hardware bridge or switch for a modest amount of money, it is beneficial in some situations to implement it using an ordinary PC equipped with a bunch of Ethernet cards or other types of network interfaces, running OpenBSD and pf(4). Such machine will be able to do what bridges and switches do as well as packet filtering, packet logging, load balancing, bandwidth shaping and much more, in IPv4 and IPv6.

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