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By Nigel Blundell

Mass homicide is lousy adequate. yet a few serial killers not just embark on slaying to slake their perverted pleasures yet benefit from the mutilation in their sufferers' our bodies – and occasionally additionally revert to cannibalism.

The basic act of slaying might sicken most folk. but that's not enough a thrill should you locate the buzz starts as soon as their sufferers are useless. slicing up corpses is, after all, a technique of casting off the proof. yet right here we study the butchers who dismember for pleasure.

They are monsters like Andrei Chikatilo, the so-called 'Rostov Ripper', who tortured, murdered, chopped up and occasionally cannibalized as many as 50 sufferers. Or they are often quiet unassuming perverts like Dennis Nilsen, whose London condominium of horrors so overflowed with physique elements that they blocked the drains.

There is not anything new approximately this, the sickest aspect of murder, in fact. the main well-known serial killer of all was once Jack the Ripper – and butchering maniacs have been...

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Nearly all his victims were raped and mutilated, sometimes disembowelled, and had organs cut out or bitten off. Chikatilo would also remove the eyes, fearing the lifeless gaze as he set about his mutilation. Sometimes he bit off nipples in a sexual frenzy. He was even reported to have eaten wombs taken fresh from the bodies of his victims. Eleven corpses were found in 1984 alone. Lieutenant-colonel Vikto Burakov, who led the murder hunt, said: ‘In our search for the criminal, we just couldn’t imagine what sort of person we were dealing with.

Switching in and out of a high-pitched woman’s voice, he also blamed his mother for his killing spree. Her voice had supposedly ordered him to kill his victims, and she had ‘helped him’ strangle and mutilate one of them. Psychiatrist Dr Lewis testified on his behalf that Shawcross had suffered from child abuse, multiple personality disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder. The jury foreman later gave an interview in which he stated: ‘The more she talked, the worse it got. ’ The jurors, however, preferred the evidence of another psychiatrist, Dr.

She was accompanied by a client, probably the third or fourth of the evening, according to her neighbours. ’ Later that morning, an employee of Mary’s landlord knocked on her door to demand the long overdue rent. ’ The sight that greeted him was more graphically described by London police sergeant Dr Thomas Bond, who wrote with clinical precision: ‘The body was lying naked in the middle of the bed … The legs were wide apart, the left thigh at right angles to the trunk and the right forming an obtuse angle with the pubes.

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