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By Garth Ennis

Grasp storyteller GARTH ENNIS and type Beast artist FACUNDO PERCIO staff as much as carry a haunting new epic of technology fiction horror. The staff of the Caliban travels hyperspace on not anything greater than a regimen journey for the enormous vessel. simply humans which were within a section too lengthy, convinced of no different existence within the Galaxy, and the entire vastness of house to remind them how a long way they're from domestic. but if an most unlikely coincidence unexpectedly factors the Caliban to slam into an deserted flying saucers, a nightmare in area starts off to spread. Ennis gives you his distinct model of fallacious characters, spot-on conversation, and trademark flare for the unforeseen in a brand new sequence within the vein of Alien.

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There is corruption, and conspiracies, and hidden identities. There are murders and investigations. There are military threats from outside the city’s walls—possibly even from beyond the planet. It’s all a delicious, decadent mess. Newton is a superb guide to this intricate, absorbing world. Villjamur is one of those imagined places that very quickly becomes real. The characters are varied and interesting, especially the rumel investigator Rumex Jeryd. The politics and personal relationships are fascinating, and the story doesn’t get bogged down in them the way so many epic fantasies do.

Readers of both will be happy. And that’s it for this year’s gift suggestions. Safe and happy holidays, and may the new year be a rewarding one for all. Copyright © Don Sakers Don Sakers is the author of A Rose From Old Terra and Dance for the Ivory Madonna. com. Previous Article Next Article Previous Article Next Article Reader's Departments UPCOMING EVENTS Anthony Lewis 14–17 January 2011 ARISIA 2011 (Boston area SF conference) at Weston Boston Waterfront Hotel. Writer Guest of Honor: Kelley Armstrong; Artist Guest of Honor; Josh Simpson; Fan Guest of Honor: René Walling; Webcomic Guest of Honor: Shaenon Garrity.

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