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By Diane Dorrans Saeks

Красивый, тяжелый подарочный альбом, в продаже закончился. Интерьеры, они и в Калифорнии - интерьеры...
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"California Interiors" is an authoritative, energetic, colourful and encouraging new quantity on California homes, inside layout and California residing. realize, for instance, a getaway cabin at the coastal cliff close to Mendocino, a glamorous penthouse with a view of the Golden Gate Bridge, a houseboat in Sausalito, an architectonic vintage via Frank Lloyd Wright, or even the state of the art trailer of a Hollywood manufacturer at the set of a Western. even more than an inside layout publication, "California Interiors" isa witty and fashionable advisor e-book that takes you into the guts and brain of California.

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