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By S.-I. Nishikawa, M. Osawa (auth.), O.D. Wiestler, B. Haendler, D. Mumberg (eds.)

This ebook describes the hot advancements within the rising box of melanoma stem cells. Their attainable effect for the id of novel therapy paradigms for melanoma are mentioned. The e-book will usually be of curiosity to scientists and clinicians enthusiastic about melanoma study, or to scholars wishing to go into into this area.

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Oncogene 23:5923–5930 Frye M, Gardner C, Li ER, Arnold I, Watt FM (2003) Evidence that Myc activation depletes the epidermal stem cell compartment by modulating adhesive interactions with the local microenvironment. Development 130:2793– 2808 Gebhardt A, Frye M, Herold S, Benitah SA, Braun K, Samans B, Watt FM, Elsasser HP, Eilers M (2006) Myc regulates keratinocyte adhesion and differentiation via complex formation with Miz1. J Cell Biol 172:139– 149 Grandori C, Cowley SM, James LP, Eisenman RN (2000) The Myc/Max/Mad network and the transcriptional control of cell behavior.

Further studies from the same group (Winn et al. 2006) indicate that combined expression of Wnt-7a and Frizzled-9 (Fz-9) in NSCLC cell lines inhibits transformed growth and that this antitumorigenic effect of Wnt7a and Fz-9 is mediated through ERK5-dependent activation of PPARγ. Wnt-5a, which is known to activate the Wnt/Ca2+ noncanonical pathway during development (Moon et al. 1997), has a controversial role in carcinogenesis. Wnt-5a is upregulated in some cancers (Saitoh et al. 2002) and can increase invasion of metastatic melanoma in a β-catenin- Wnt Signaling in Stem Cells and Lung Cancer 39 independent manner (Weeraratna et al.

Nature 436:636–637 Takahashi K, Yamanaka S (2006) Induction of pluripotent stem cells from mouse embryonic and adult fibroblast cultures by defined factors. Cell 126:663–676 Trumpp A, Refaeli Y, Oskarsson T, Gasser S, Murphy M, Martin GR, Bishop JM (2001) c-Myc regulates mammalian body size by controlling cell number but not cell size. Nature 414:768–773 Tumbar T, Guasch G, Greco V, Blanpain C, Lowry WE, Rendl M, Fuchs E (2004) Defining the epithelial stem cell niche in skin. Science 303:359– 363 van de Wetering M, Sancho E, Verweij C, de Lau W, Oving I, Hurlstone A, van der Horn K, Batlle E, Coudreuse D, Haramis AP, Tjon-Pon-Fong M, Moerer P, van den Born M, Soete G, Pals S, Eilers M, Medema R, Clevers H (2002) The beta-catenin/TCF-4 complex imposes a crypt progenitor phenotype on colorectal cancer cells.

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