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By Hasan-Uddin Khan, Sherban Cantacuzino, Charles Correa

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The landlords of central and northern Pakistan, on the other hand, had the bulk of their wealth in physical assets that could not be easily liquidated and their lands were managed by institutional devices that, having been forged over centuries, could not be used for running modern enterprises. If they were to enter the industrial sector, they would not need the type of assistance from the government which was required by, and granted to, the country's first industrial entrepreneurs. They would need, instead, government financing, technical assistance and protection from competition: a totally different orientation in the government's attitude towards development from the one adopted in the 1947-53 period.

THE FALL OF AYUB On 25 March 1969, after eleven and a half years in power, Field-Marshal A yub Khan surrendered the presidency to General Yahya Khan, the commander-in-chief of the armed forces. A 40 Pakistan under Bhutto, 1971-7 number of factors contributed to the collapse of Pakistan's first military regime. and largely self-supporting economic growth, and Zulfikar Ali Bhutto's relentless opposition to Ayub Khan's leadership and the system of government that he had established. 5 None of these factors alone would have dislodged A yub; together they created a situation that the rapidly aging military dictator found very difficult to tackle with his customary finesse.

The Nizam-i-Islam (the Islamic System) Party was born in circumstances similar to those of the NAP, although it catered for the groups at the other end of the political spectrum. The indigenisation of politics first diluted the political importance of urban professionals, while the demise of Muslim League, a litde later, 34 Pakistan under Bhutto, 1971-7 removed the political institution that had served them. Accordingly, in 1956 a group of urban professionals under the leadership of Chaudri Mohammad Ali - the most senior civil servant to be inherited by Pakistan from the British Indian administration, who later became the new country's fourth Prime Minister reassembled under the conservative banner of Nizam-i-Islam.

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