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By A.J. Tyrrell, F.H. Sumner

This e-book is worried with language talents and language knowing instead of programming method. No point out is made up of checking out, and no realization given to the surroundings during which courses has to be entered, or performed. it really is assumed reader should be accustomed to those matters.

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We can illustrate the use of the While and the read-ahead with a short routine that validates data entered at the keyboard. 1 the While takes care of the case when valid data is entered first time, and it also 51 52 Program Structures allows a graceful exit from the iteration when valid data is entered after one or more failures. Read(Quantity); WHILE (Quantity <= 0) OR (Quantity > 1000) DO BEGIN Write ('Error : Quantity out of range. 2. Learners with experience of Pascal often find this difficult to grasp because of confusion with the Pascal Repeat Until, and a common error is to precede the PERFORM UNTIL with a redundant IF statement.

6 below). 3 below). 2 Conditions All alterations to the flow of execution require the evaluation of conditions which yield either a true or a false value. We may form conditions using a slightly different set of relational operators to those available in Pascal. Relational operators COBOL 85 < > >= <= NOT = (Equivalent to <>) It should be noted that there are differences between the 85 and 74 standards: the 74 standard does not include the >= or <=, so that users of COBOL 74 must code them as NOT < NOT >.

4. 5 For statement equivalent in COBOL 85 It should be noted that if the TEST AFTER is omitted then the 12th iteration will not occur, because the default is for the test to be made before each iteration. After the 11th iteration the value of WS-INDEX would be changed to 12, and if the test were made the terminating condition would be true. A less elegant alternative, which is necessary in COBOL 74, is to make the terminating condition> 12. The PERFORM VARYING is more complex than the Pascal For statement, and the following points should be noted: 1.

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