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Better intelligence and border security would help weaken insurgent logistics and financing. The terrain of western Iraq is much more amenable to observation than the jungles of Laos, and both sensor and network technology have improved dramatically since the 1960s, so it should be relatively easy to create a surveillance system that could at the very least monitor the border, if not actually seal it. In contrast to the situation in Iraq, the insurgency in Afghanistan derives enormous benefit from not only external support but also sanctuary in Pakistan’s semilawless northwest.

Efforts in Iraq. S. force levels in Iraq decrease. However, this second approach affords the United States only tenuous control. Members of the Awakening have a variety of interests beyond opposing AQI, including specific grudges and grievances. There is considerable opportunity for the enemies of yesterday who have become today’s allies to once again switch sides. For example, Al-Anbar is almost exclusively Sunni, and its inhabitants have concerns about their future under a central government dominated by Shia, particularly the Shia religious parties.

Exploit-analyze is the main effort of F3EA because it provides insight into the enemy network and offers new lines of operations. Exploit-analyze starts the cycle over again by providing leads, or start points, into the network that could be observed and tracked using airborne ISR. A finishing force unified with airborne ISR and an exploit-analyze capability is able to be persistent, surgical, and rapid in operations against the insurgent’s network. 2 1 See Raymond T. Odierno, Nichoel E. Brooks, and Francesco P.

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