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Light Dragoons and Campbell's second-in-command. He had reported to Harrison with Captain Hopkin's troop from his own regiment and two troops of '12 Months United States Volunteer Dragoons', from Pennsylvania and Kentucky. Volunteers were a special breed of regular. It was believed their one-year enlistments PLATE 6: 1812-5 16. S. Light Dragoons, Undress Uniform, 1813 17. S. Light Dragoons, Dress Uniform, 181 3 18. S. S. CAVALRY: A N I L L U S T R A T E D HISTORY would draw more men than the Army's standard five.

An explosion of well-aimed musketry from warriors concealed behind the uprooted trees scattered Price's riders and hurled them back on the Legion. Wayne coolly shook out his regular foot soldiers into two lines and sent them straight at the foe in a magnificently steady bayonet charge. Then emulating Hannibal's tactics at Cannae, he ordered Scott's Kentuckians to swing around the Indians' left and catch PLATE 5: l 792-1 810 13. Dragoon Private. Legion of the United States, 1792-6 14. Dragoon Private, United States Army, 1799 15.

S. Light Dragoons. His coat here is similar to the one he wore when he sat for St Memmin, except for a dlferently decorated collar. Laval sports a severe round hat instead of the sturdy regulation leather cap. The left side is decorated with a black cockade bearing a silver star, which is linked b y a cord or chain of the same metal to a silver button. T H E U . S . CAVALRY: A N ILLUSTRATED HISTORY Detroit. Two squadrons of Ohio and Michigan cavalry belonged to the conquered army, and they saw some action in this curious campaign before its ignominious finale.

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