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This publication is an try and display that the elemental rules of phonological association boil all the way down to the interplay among the power of nuclei as licensers of phonological constitution and diverse non-rerankable scales of complexity happening at diversified degrees of phonological illustration. The licensing relation among nuclei and the previous onsets at the one hand, and governing kinfolk between Read more...

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1. substantial complexity --
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three. The phonological constitution of phrases --
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goals to illustrate that the elemental rules of phonological association boil right down to the interplay among the energy of nuclei as licensers of phonological constitution and various Read more...

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With respect to their complexity slopes. The structures in (21) represent a scale of preferences which can be interpreted in the following way. Irish clusters with a complexity differential of three elements display integrity (21a) and are never broken up by an epenthetic vowel. The same complexity slope is found in the case of other 49 The list ignores the contrast between palatalized and velarized consonants. It also does not include the glottal fricative /h/ whose status is unclear. g. Scheer (2004: 59), who restricts complexity to counting only the resonance elements, with sonority being derived by three parameters: a) the status of the aperture element (A), b) syllabic position (nucleus or onset), and c) presence or absence of manner elements (h) and (/).

Malakmalak (12). Substantive complexity effects in Irish 35 offer some additional support for the claim, which is based on the analysis of the segmental inventory of Irish. (22) a. /kI r´ p´ ax/ A U / H b. /bau n d ´/ A=A N / c. /g´e r´ b´ ´/ A U / Notice that the systematic absence of the noise element makes all the obstruents less complex. However, the relevant distinctions which were discussed under (21) still hold. The voiceless stops continue to be the most complex. What needs to be said in the case of the new representations in (22) is that the cut-off point between good contacts and bad ones is below two manner elements.

What initially appeared to be a defective and asymmetrical system, turns out to be perfectly symmetrical, given the resources it has at its disposal. Its defective nature follows from the fact that not all universally recognized primes are utilized. Specifically, Irish makes no use of the ‘noise’ category. On the other hand, we see that Polish must have this category to be able to express the additional contrasts, that is, affrication and voice among the fricatives. 69 It should be borne in mind that almost every obstruent in Irish differs markedly from the phonetically corresponding object in Polish.

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