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In order to prevent the user of the account from using the system, any one can fail to guess the password enough times to cause the lockout to occur. This problem is known to exist by design in Windows NT and Novell Netware. Sample Vulnerability [/bin/login denial, General, Internal, Denial of Services] victim$ nvi /var/log/wtmp Now nobody can log in. Using this level of access to promote to higher access is more of a course of human manipulation rather than computer manipulation. Rendering a Process Unusable When a process becomes unusable, it can be a large problem for a business to recover from the problem.

However, just connecting to the host was enough to cause it to make a check on identity but not enough to actually cause an exploit. The actual security breach occurred when the second tactic was added, that was a man-in-the-middle interjection of a forged packet. So the tactics look like this: Computer Vulnerabilities Authentication Page 40 Authentication Computer vulnerabilities are also easily divisible by the condition if the person needs access to the computer already. In fact, about 1-in-7 vulnerabilities that I’ve examined don’t require access to the host before gaining additional access.

It is possible to use a vulnerability such as this to advance to Interactive Shell access. An example can be described as follows: 1. Read the restricted file 2. If the restricted file does not contain information that leads the user to either another degree of access, end here. Be creative, though. In many cases, especially when reading e-mail, there is enough information available to “socially engineer” a password from someone by assuming an identity and using this degree of access to read the reply [See section: “Assuming Identity of a User”] 3.

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