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By Yael Bentor

This research of the Indo-Tibetan ritual for consecrating pictures, "stupas", books and temples relies on an exam of appropriate Tibetan textual fabric contained in Tantras, commentaries, ritual manuals and explanatory works on consecration.

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Gter-bdag-gling-pa work I, p. 4. 6\ Gang-du sku-gzugs rdzogs-pa fa! ,1 ji-srid rnchod-pa der mi 'osl Toh. 486, p. 5-6. 62 On this question see, Eckel (1985, 1992); Schopen (\ 987, 1988); Trainor (1990 and in progress); Collins (1992); etc. fiJ For discussions of a similar issue in HindUism, see Gupta 1972:325-26; Baumer 1989; Davis 1989 and 1991: 112-136; Padoux 1990; etc. 5R 59 22 INTRODUCTION RITUAL OF PASSAGI~ FOR OBJECTS The consecration ritual is a special application of the siidhana practice to stupas and images, thangkm; and so forth.

3. INTRODUCTION 15 The answer is given here in terms of the two truths. The notion of establishing a Buddha in a receptacle exists only in relative truth. In ultimate truth, consecration is an impossibility. The theory of the two truths is applied here in order to harmonize ritual practice with certain theoretical positions (more on this below). Since these answers are offered also by ritual manuals, it is likely that they would serve the point of view of ritualists as will become evident below.

3-5. 77 As we shall see, no person, implement or substance can take part in a tantric ritual without a prior transformation into an exalted state (cf. R. 2). 75 76 28 INTRODUCTION of habituation to ahe generation ancl completion Iprocesses], there is liberation. 7H Brag-phug Dge-bshes implies here that the initiation conferred on the consecration Iha is the supreme initiation which instantly transforms it into a state of Buddhahood. This is a position different from that of Sde-srid Sangs-rgyas-rgya-mtsho (quoted above) who adheres more closely to the analogy with a person ancl explains the Iha's initiation as a path initiation (which Brag-phug Dge-bshcs calls middle initiation).

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