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By Schmidt H.A., Schutte K., Thiele H.-J. (eds.)

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Here the situation has dramatically evolved over the last three decades. In the book I wrote with Isabelle Stengers, I stressed the fact that irreversibility comes from dynamical instability. Today, this idea is generally accepted. As an example, I should like to quote a recent paper by J. LIGHTHILL (1986): I have to speak on behalf of the broad global fratemity of practitioners of mechanics. We collectively wish to apologize for having misikd the general educated public by spreading ideas about the determinism of system satisfying Newton’s laws of motion that, a f i r 1%0, were to be proved incorrect.

By suggesting which course of action should be taken ifthe specific goal envisaged were the only goal. It by no means implies either that this be the unique or the supreme goal of human action in general, or that one should disregard the impact that the fulfilment of this goal might have upon the realization of other human aims or values. e. to the meaning of “independence in action”, and become immediately involved in a specific and highly debatable ethical claim. To the extent that the third meaning is related to the second, ethical questions also exist in connection with the third sense.

They include the orientation of society’s present-day rapid technical and technological advance, environmental protection for the sake of the forthcoming generations, and many other global problems linked with the rational use of the sources of man’s existence and development, primarily the overcoming of the atomic challenge to civilisation. Humanised science, developing as an organic part of the activity of life, plays not only the most important practical and technological role but begins to play an ever more important direct socio-cultural role.

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