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Personal Care and beauty Technology

, Page ii, Meyer Rosen

, Page iv

, Page v

, Pages ix-xiv, Gurpreet S. Ahluwalia, Murad Alam, Macrene Alexiades-Armenakas, Gregory B. Altshuler, Todd J. Banks, Natalia V. Botchkareva, Roy G. Geronemus, David J. Goldberg, Jillian Havey, James Henry, Mary P. Lupo, David H. McDaniel, Cheri Millikin, Serge Mordon, Michael Moretti, Vic A. Narurkar, J. Frank Nash, Keyvan Nouri, John E. rectangular, Rita V. Patel, et al.

, Pages xv-xvi, Gurpreet S. Ahluwalia
Chapter 1 - The Biology of Hair Growth

, Pages 3-35, Valerie Anne Randall, Natalia V. Botchkareva
Chapter 2 - dermis Biology: knowing organic pursuits for making improvements to Appearance

, Pages 37-48, John E. rectangular, Cheri Millikin
Chapter three - Physics at the back of Light-Based structures: dermis and Hair Follicle Interactions with Light

, Pages 49-123, Gregory B. Altshuler, Valery V. Tuchin
Chapter four - decide on Laser and Pulsed gentle platforms for beauty Dermatology

, Pages 125-142, Paul Wiener, Dale Wiener
Chapter five - Hair removing utilizing Light-Based Systems

, Pages 145-156, David J. Goldberg
Chapter 6 - elimination of undesirable Facial Hair

, Pages 157-179, Pete Styczynski, John rectangular, Gurpreet S. Ahluwalia
Chapter 7 - Synergy of sunshine and Radiofrequency power for Hair Removal

, Pages 181-194, Neil S. Sadick, Rita V. Patel
Chapter eight - Hair elimination in Darker epidermis kinds utilizing Light-Based Devices

, Pages 195-215, James Henry
Chapter nine - impression of Laser and Light-Based platforms on Hair Follicle Biology

, Pages 217-237, Natalia V. Botchkareva, Gurpreet S. Ahluwalia
Chapter 10 - administration of undesirable Hair

, Pages 239-252, Gurpreet S. Ahluwalia
Chapter eleven - epidermis Rejuvenation utilizing Fractional Photothermolysis: Efficacy and Safety

, Pages 255-270, Brian Zelickson, Susan Walgrave
Chapter 12 - LED Low-Level mild Photomodulation for Reversal of Photoaging

, Pages 271-280, Robert A. Weiss, Roy G. Geronemus, David H. McDaniel
Chapter thirteen - international overall Nonsurgical Rejuvenation: Lasers and Light-Based structures together with Dermal Fillers and Botulinum Toxins

, Pages 281-289, Vic A. Narurkar
Chapter 14 - epidermis Rejuvenation utilizing Microdermabrasion

, Pages 291-300, Mary P. Lupo
Chapter 15 - Wrinkles: Cosmetics, medicinal drugs, and Energy-Based Systems

, Pages 301-316, John E. Oblong
Chapter sixteen - Cellulite relief: Photothermal treatment for Cellulite

, Pages 319-340, Julian Havey, Murad Alam
Chapter 17 - therapy of pimples: Phototherapy with Blue Light

, Pages 341-351, Voraphol Vejjabhinanta, Anita Singh, Keyvan Nouri
Chapter 18 - therapy of Pseudofolliculitis Barbae

, Pages 353-367, Douglas Shander, Gurpreet S. Ahluwalia
Chapter 19 - Light-Based structures to advertise Wound Healing

, Pages 369-380, Serge Mordon
Chapter 20 - Synergy of Eflornithine Cream with Laser and Light-Based structures for Hair Management

, Pages 383-397, Gurpreet S. Ahluwalia, Douglas Shander
Chapter 21 - Photodynamic remedy for pimples, Rejuvenation, and Hair Removal

, Pages 399-414, Macrene Alexiades-Armenakas
Chapter 22 - FDA laws for research and Approval of scientific units: Laser and Light-Based Systems

, Pages 417-472, Todd J. Banks, Gurpreet S. Ahluwalia
Chapter 23 - Dermal protection of Laser and Light-Based Systems

, Pages 473-498, J. Frank Nash, Melea Ward, Gurpreet S. Ahluwalia
Chapter 24 - Eye defense of Laser and Light-Based Devices

, Pages 499-516, David H. Sliney
Chapter 25 - Light-Based units for At-Home Use

, Pages 517-526, Michael Moretti

, Pages 527-534
Personal Care and beauty know-how Series

, Page bm1

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Cosmetics Applications of Laser & Light-Based Systems

Content material: own Care and beauty expertise, web page ii, Meyer RosenCopyright, web page ivDedication, web page vContributors, Pages ix-xiv, Gurpreet S. Ahluwalia, Murad Alam, Macrene Alexiades-Armenakas, Gregory B. Altshuler, Todd J. Banks, Natalia V. Botchkareva, Roy G. Geronemus, David J. Goldberg, Jillian Havey, James Henry, Mary P.

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