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Dolls and puppets will be considered because the Freudian Uncanny, the Lacanian different, the Kristevan Abject,and The Miniature and the big of Susan Stewart. The mental implications in their construction are traced via a number of centuries of literature, essentially British fiction and poetry from the latter 1/2 the eighteenth century to the current, plus a few examples from American and Continental fiction.

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Hall and Ellis describe this juxtaposition in terms of the child who can only with great difficulty take in at one glance the entirety of an adult figure and for whom "the extremes of large and small develop their chief charm well on in the doll period": Things large, like things far, fail of exciting interest, and of being comprehended by children, and are almost as effectively out of their range as things microscopic for adult eyes. As the microscope and telescope bring Page 29 minute and distant objects within our purview, so a doll microcosm opens up a world of relationship so large, and simplifies things so complex as to be otherwise closed to the infant mind.

The explorer was baffled" (Lispector 388-89). From his towering stance, this "very big man''who has of course never experienced the primal fear of being devouredcannot well appreciate the elation of the miniature Little Flower. The confrontation between Little Flower and Pretre illustrates the necessary coexistence of the two extremes of size: the miniature and the gigantic. One exaggeration implies the other, and their juxtaposition is required if the constant figurethe normal, human-sized reader whose position is continually subject to changeis to maintain any sense of perspective.

However, they are neither stylized, farcical, nor melodramatic in a predictable or conventional mode of easy resolution. Instead, these creations capture and convey a melodrama of unease and contradiction. 8 Offered here is a detailed analysis of one of these numerous subsets of the doublethe doll or living doll that the subject creates in his or her own image and then contends with. 9 The Doll The interest here is twofold: the appeal of the double and the appeal of the miniature. As Karl Miller points out, "in playing with his dolls an author is playing with his doubles .

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