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The other smaller diatom was not identifiable. (g) Wedge-shaped cells characterize ­Licomorpha. In this micrograph, a ­Licomorpha colony is growing as an epiphyte on a red alga. The branched stalks are made of a gelatinous material. (h) This Licomorpha is epiphytic on the green alga Enteromorpha and shows the cells in more detail than in (g). The cells in the upper right are in valve view, whereas those in the lower left are in girdle view. (continued) 38 A Photographic Atlas of Marine Biology SECTION 2 Marine Bacteria, Archaeans, and Protists I J K L M 4-8 A Gallery of Marine Diatoms (Stramenopiles) (continued) (i) Tabellaria, shown here in valve view, is a centric diatom that forms distinctive zigzag colonies.

B D m 3-5 Radiolaria (a–d) The tests (shells) of radiolarians typically are made of silica and often are very intricate in their design. Tests have a single ­chamber, although the chamber may have undivided segments. Holes through the test come in a variety of shapes. Radiolarians are predominantly pelagic (open ocean) organisms with life cycles not completely known. 32 A Photographic Atlas of Marine Biology SECTION 2 Marine Bacteria, Archaeans, and Protists Coccolithophore 4 Diatom Simple Eukaryotic, Planktonic, and Benthic Autotrophs U nlike most chapters, this chapter is a functional grouping of many clades, some only distantly related (Figure 4-1).

Benthic forams can be so numerous that the sediment color is affected by the color of the foram species comprising it. This is the case in the pink shell beaches of Bermuda. Due to their extensive fossil record, forams are often used as index fossils to date (assign an age to) sediments. Benthic species display habitat preference and can provide clues as to the type of habitat in which they were deposited, useful not only for basic science but also for petroleum exploration. Pelagic (pelagic—of the open sea) foram tests comprise a large portion of the world’s calcareous biogenic (bio—life, gen—to produce) sediment (also known as “foraminiferous ooze”).

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