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32 Cryopen base unit is a refrigeration unit that is plugged into a wall socket. The green light indicates the probe is the correct temperature for cryosurgery. ) This assures that the device is ready when the need arises for cryosurgery. 33). The tip size should approximate the diameter of the lesion. 34 Inserting chilled cryopen core into probe. indd 43 15/9/14 11:09 AM  REFERENCES 1. Burke WA, Baden TJ, Wheeler CE, Bowdre JH. Survival of herpes simplex virus during cryosurgery with liquid nitrogen.

A common wart on the same child’s finger was treated with cryospray. The child found the Cryo Tweezers to be much less painful. ) The skin tags are grasped and held with the Cryo Tweezers until the freeze margin reaches the normal tissue at the skin surface. The tweezers can be used to treat many more skin tags before they warm up. Re-immerse the tweezers in the liquid nitrogen when you note that the freeze time is lengthening. The Cryo Tweezers are particularly good for skin tags or warts on the eyelids.

It is important to make sure that gaskets are in good repair and the unit is carefully threaded onto the gas cylinder to prevent l­ eaking. Opening the valve of the gas cylinder allows the clinician to check if there is adequate pressure for cryosurgery. Most of the gauges will read a green or blue optimal range. If the pressure is higher than the acceptable range for the cryosurgery unit, the adapter should be removed from the gas cylinder and some of the gas should be released from the cylinder in a safe, well-ventilated location.

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